Agape drinks – branding

This is a branding project created for a non-existing company. The idea was to create a logo, color scheme and a complete brand identity guide for a manufacturer of Greek beverages. Step 1: Sketch I started with sketching out some ideas. There were more ideas, but obviously I had to choose one. I decided to…

Paris in a lens

For this project, I started with a photo of a woman walking down the hallway of The Louvre Museum. This photo I took from Pexels. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels Next, I took this image of an old airplane skeleton. Can’t remember anymore where I found it. Probably on Pexels 😉 Finally I took…

Face in pieces

My latest project executed in Affinity Photo. I saw a similar project online (as always 😉 ) and I wanted to try it myself.

Guy on a wing

For this image I was going for an impossible image of a chilled guy sitting on a wing of a jet. Impossible, right? So I went to a free stock and grabbed the following image of an airplane: And the following image of a relaxed guy: First I had to cut out the guy from…

Poster designs

It has been a long while since I last posted. I’ve been very busy learning all about graphic design, colour theroies and other interesting thing. Not to leave my blog really far behind I quickly compiled some simple poster designs. The inspiration came from the famous John Lennon poster, where part of his face is…

Weekly photo – week 10

Belgium is experiencing real winter this year. -10 during night and -3 during the day are really exceptional here.

Weekly photo – week 9

Finally some real winter in Belgium. We went on a long walk and took a lot of photos 🙂 Weekly selection (a bit delayed) below. Enjoy!