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Autumn walk

In order not to get crazy during covid times, it is important to go out. Even though for some reason most people are not wearing their face masks. I won’t […]

A man, who fell apart

For this project I attempted a scatter effect of someones face (or body) falling apart. Project made of course in Affinity Photo. I started with this photo found on free […]

Sunset over a desert

Another project for which the inspiration came from the internet. I saw somewhere a similar image and I thought it would be great exercise to draw one of my own. […]

Brother for sale

Inspiration for this project comes from the internet (where else 😉 ). I saw something similar and wanted to do it with my kids. So we built a little wooden […]

Covid in Belgium

Belgium during pandemic In march the world as we know it had stopped due to the covid pandemic. Regardless of what you think about the pandemic (real or fake) one […]

Happy or sad?

Practice will render you the master. This is certainly true in photography. For this project I invited my kids to have fun. We called it “Happy or sad?” I don’t […]

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Hi, I’m Jędrzej. I am a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer, although during “bushiness day” I work as an engineer in the aviation industry.Read more About me

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