Agape drinks – branding

This is a branding project created for a non-existing company.

The idea was to create a logo, color scheme and a complete brand identity guide for a manufacturer of Greek beverages.

Step 1: Sketch

I started with sketching out some ideas.

There were more ideas, but obviously I had to choose one. I decided to go for a glass held with a hand. Notice some Greek accents on the sketch.

Step 2: Final logo

After I had my sketch ready, I went to a vector drawing program and drew this;

It felt like something was still missing, so I added some “vibe” to it, by adding a texture.

Final logo

Step 3: Choosing fonts

For the purpose of good brand identity, you have to choose fonts that with it. I was choosing between:

  • NASIC – headings
  • BRIORK – text
  • ULTRAL – headings
  • AGRARY – text
  • NASTIC – headings
  • RIORKS – text

Final choice was Ultral and Agrary.

Step 4: Colors

For the purpose of this project, I created a number of mood boards. I knew I was going for a brand, that would be:

  • imaginative
  • inspirational
  • positive
  • warm
  • enthusiastic

I found the required colors with the second from the right image.

Primary colors:

Dark blue

Almost black


Secondary colors:

Light blue

Pale yellow


Step 5: Stylescape

This is a very simple document showing fonts and colors with connection to some text and photography. It is not a brand guide yet, but it gives an idea of what the brand will feel like, once a fully developed guide becomes available.

Step 6: Brand identity manual

Final style guide:

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Paris in a lens

For this project, I started with a photo of a woman walking down the hallway of The Louvre Museum.

This photo I took from Pexels.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Next, I took this image of an old airplane skeleton. Can’t remember anymore where I found it. Probably on Pexels 😉

Finally I took an image of an old Nikon lens and the result of combining all of them is:

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Guy on a wing

For this image I was going for an impossible image of a chilled guy sitting on a wing of a jet. Impossible, right?

So I went to a free stock and grabbed the following image of an airplane:

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

And the following image of a relaxed guy:

I couldn’t find it back on free stock… If I find it I will include the credit.

First I had to cut out the guy from his background. To do this in Affinity Photo I used the Pen Tool to create a curve around him. Then I converted the curve into selection. Once the guy was selected simply create a mask.

This is a non destructive solution, as I can paint over the mask to hide or reveal content as required.

To fade the guy a little better into the image I had to add a Gradient Overlay on him. But what colours do I use? Well I extracted them from the image of a wing. Just go to Swatches -> hamburger menu -> Create Palette from Document -> As Document Palette and Affinity Photo will extract a number of colours. 68 in my case.

Gradient overlay applied to the guy.

Without Gradient Overlay.

With Gradient Overlay

As a final touch I added the Lighting filter from Live Filters on the guy. The settings are on the right.

The idea was to create (or correct) the lighting so that it would make sens in relation to the lighting in the original image.

As a final touch I added a lens flare.

Poster designs

It has been a long while since I last posted. I’ve been very busy learning all about graphic design, colour theroies and other interesting thing.

Not to leave my blog really far behind I quickly compiled some simple poster designs. The inspiration came from the famous John Lennon poster, where part of his face is actually text.

Poster 1

The below poster says:

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

George Sand

    I wanted to try some flashy colours, something that would stand out. There are two versions of this design. One where you can see the face blended on the right and one where you can’t see the face on the right. You can use the slider and check out both versions. Which one do you like better?

    Poster 2

    This one is inspired by ASCI art thing.

    If you move far away from your screen you will actually see a mans face.

    Poster 3

    Here I was playing with textures. I wanted to create a flaming text. Not related to “face” posters but I thought it was a fun little project.

    Did I succeed?

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