Sensational discovery at Lake Como! One of the mountains is actually a dinosaur’s head 🙂 Whaaat?

Obviously this is just a composite. Recently I made a switch away from Adobe and their subscription model and I went with Affinity. I wasn’t very happy with my first composite (maybe I’ll put it here later) but the second one turned out ok.

I started with this lovely shot I took during our holiday trip to Moltrasio:

First step was to clean it up a little bit. I didn’t like the pole / tower and this old unappealing shad. Result was quite ok. I already started also masking out some of the mountains to make place for my Dino.

Next step involved converting this dinos head:

Into something tat resembles mountain:

You have to look really close to see the dino but he’s there 😉 Next step involved swapping the sky with a more dramatic one. Really awesome picture came from here. And the result:

Two last steps involved painting fog at mountain tops and adding blue tint to create a bit darker mood. Final layer setup is as follows:

Of course each of them with different setup, blending mode and opacity. This went to Luminar:

At the end I got this:

I know there is still room for improvement. For example the head seems to have no depth in the empty spaces. There should be something. A shadow or something similar.

Overall I am very happy with Affinity Photo. It performed really well. And the best thing is it cost a fraction of Photoshop and so far there is not one feature of PS that I miss in AP. All I need is there so far. Soon I’ll post my next composite.


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