Ladder to the moon

This project in Affinity Photo I started with three photos:

Step 1: Grass on the moon

In first step I had to create a grass, that would look like it is growing on the Moon. This is actually quite easy. Re scale the grass photo a bit and move it over the Moon. Go to Filters -> Distort -> Spherical and by playing with those two sliders you can make the grass look like a bowl. Play with the settings until the image fits nicely. Mask out not needed stuff.

Step 2: The ladder

Now we take the ladder and using the Pen Tool create a perfect selection around it. With ladder layer active go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Threshold and adjust the settings until the ladder is completely black.

Create a copy of the ladder because now we have to add a shadow that will fall on to the Moon.

Using tools from the Liquify Persona adjust the shadow to look decent. Play with the tools, they are very straightforward.

Next copy and mirror the ladder layer (not the shadow) and mask the part which will be behind the moon. This will create an illusion of the ladder actually being partly behind the Moon.

Step 3: Lady watering the grass

Go to the picture of a lady watering her plants. Cut her out of the picture and use the Threshold adjustment to make the cutout completely black. Re scale and position the lady as if she was behind the Moon. Don;t forget to mask the parts that are supposed to be hidden.

Step 4: Finish 🙂

That’s it. You’re done.

If you pay close attention to my masking you will notice it is not perfect. I leave a lot of unmasked spots. This is on purpose, because it creates additional “ambience” in the picture. It simulates dirt in the air or maybe a slightly dirty lens. It’s my personal preference, you may of course strive for perfection. Although it kind of depends how you define perfection 😉


Published by jedrzej

Hi, I’m Jędrzej. I am a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer, although during “bushiness day” I work as an engineer in the aviation industry. My adventure with photography started in the 90's and had never stopped. This site is the hub of my creative work.

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