How to create custom Luminar looks and how to group them

I like my Luminar 4, no doubt about it. It is easy to use and does what it is supposed to, help me easily develop my RAW images. One of the coolest features of this program are Lumiar Looks.

They are shortcuts to all develop presets, which you can fine-tune afterwards. But there was always one thing that bugged me. I can store all my presets only in one group, the User Luminar Looks group. I would like to have them grouped the way I want. For example all my BW presets in one folder, all portrait presets in another and so on. A bit like all those presets that come preinstalled with Luminar. I decided to check it out. I was able to download some external presets as you can see on a screenshot above. Sure enough, after a little bit of digging I found a way to group my presets. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create Luminar Look

Let’s begin from scratch and first actually create a Luminar Look. I will start with this picture:

I always begin by fixing light problems. In this case I slightly increased the overall exposure and contrast. I almost removed the highlights (there very little actually) and increased the shadows. This gave some extra detail on the right side of the pole.

Next I converted my image to Black and White.Those color sliders tell Luminar how you want to affect certain colors in your image. Bring them to the right and parts of that color will appear brighter when in BW, bring them to the left and they appear darker.

Next I went to Creative section and applied some Dramatic setting:

And I also applied some Matte look to my image:

Although same effect can be achieved with Curves adjustment, but those are a bit tricky if you don’t really understand them.

OK! I’m done, so it’s time to save my Luminar Look. Below your image you should see a button that says Save New Look. Luminar will ask for a name of your preset. It can be whatever you wish. Click Save.

If you did everything right you should now see your preset in the lower section of your Luminar window. Mine looks like this:

Step 2: Find your presets folder

This is probably the easiest step. Just open Luminar and go to File -> Show Luminar Looks Folder …

This should take you to a folder like C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Luminar 4\Data\Looks\Users

From there you have to navigate one folder up and then go to folder Extra. Your current location should look like C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Luminar 4\Data\Looks\Extra

Step 3: Create a group of looks / presets

Now you simply have to create a folder with whatever the name you wish your Luminar Looks Group should have. Now a bit the tricky part, because inside that folder you have to create an XML file that will tell Luminar what to do with it. Go ahead and open Notepad or whatever text editor you prefer and copy the following text:

<plist version="1.0">

Change the text between <string> and </string> to whatever the name you wish your Luminar Looks group to have. Save your file as PresetsInfo.plist

Now you just have to cut and paste your preset from Users folder into Extra\YOUR FOLDER

Restart Luminar and now you should see your group in Luminar Looks box. Click it and your preset should be there. But there is one small issue. Did you notice how Luminar Looks have an image behind the title and your preset group doesn’t? Well, there is a solution to that as well. Using your favorite image editing tool create an image sized by 260 x 180, name it icon@2x.png and put it in your preset folder.

That’s it!

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Hi, I’m Jędrzej. I am a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer, although during “bushiness day” I work as an engineer in the aviation industry. My adventure with photography started in the 90's and had never stopped. This site is the hub of my creative work.

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