Autumn walk

In order not to get crazy during covid times, it is important to go out. Even though for some reason most people are not wearing their face masks. I won’t discuss whether it makes sense to wear them or not. Yes I am talking to you anti Covid people.

My kids and I love to go for long walks. We try our best to go for a walk every day. Recently the weather was really nice, which is not always the case in Belgium, so I also took my camera.

For my edits I used a new piece of software, ON1 Photo Raw. I shifted away from Luminary as I do not appreciate their user policy.

ON1 allows me to edit photos o my tablet and has overall better experience. I started by performing basic color correction (exposure, highlights and shadows, white balance and contrast). Next i bumped the colors a little bit (or converted to BW where appropriate) and added a white frame. Hope you like it 🙂


Published by jedrzej

Hi, I’m Jędrzej. I am a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer, although during “bushiness day” I work as an engineer in the aviation industry. My adventure with photography started in the 90's and had never stopped. This site is the hub of my creative work.

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