Drawing fun pringirls logo

Step 1: Create a new document

When creating a new document it doesn’t really matter what size you choose. I typically start with A4 page (210 x 297 mm) and I always create artboards. I find it easier to resize the document or add more pages to it.

Step 2: Find original logo

This step is a bit sketchy as you have to search for the original logo and copy-paste it to AD. If you would be working on a logo for a client this would be unethical to do. However we are doing this to learn and not make money from it, right?

Once you paste the original logo scale it to fit your artboard. Set the layer opacity to some low setting, I chose 15%.

Step 3: Start tracing


Using Pen tool [P] trace the left side of Mr Pringles head. In my case the stroke width was 33pt but you may need to adjust it. In the Stroke panel go to the bottom, where it says Pressure. Click the box next to pressure and adjust so it looks like the image below.

First stroke on Mr Pringles head
Stroke after pressure adjustment

Duplicate this line and mirror it using tools from the top toolbar

Mirror and rotation tools

You will also have to adjust the nodes with Node Tool [A] so the line fits nicely to the original outline. Both lines must be black (R0, G0. B0)


With Pen Tool start tracing the mustache. First trace the outline and then draw two separate curves through the mustache. Don’t worry if the stick out like on my drawing. AD has a grate feature for solving this issue. Play with Node Tool and Pressure settings until you are happy with the result. Outline should be black and the fill color should be R194, G116, B41

In Layers panel locate the three layers (curves) you just created. Hold down the Shift key and select two top ones and drag them on top of the mustache-shaped layer. Not below, really on top.

When you move the cursor on top of the mustache shaped layer AD will indicate a blue line below that layer. This means a clipping layer will be created.

Clipped curves, final result

Repeat this process for the second mustache and also hair at the top. Move the mustache to the top of Mr Pringles head and you now have Mrs Pringles 😉

Can you workout the eyes? They are just two circles, a white one on top of a black one.

Tip: Play with Shear setting in the Transform panel.

Mouth is equally easy. You can use the tick with clipping mask if you go outside the lines 😉


Again with the Pen Tool you have to trace the bow tie. Play with pressure settings to get this unevenly thick line. Bow tie red is R203, G32, B40. When done mirror the bow tie, scale it and rotate it randomly a bit an voila, you now have a ribbon to tie Mrs Pringles hair. Move it to the top, where it belongs.

One more detail

If you were following along you probably noticed that hair, which should be hidden behind Mrs Pringles head are visible. There is an easy fix to this. Simply draw a white filled circle with no stroke and put it below to head outline curves and above the mustache layers. You may need to rearrange your layers to make it look correct.

Step 4: Letters

This step involves tracing letter using the Pen Tool. You have to trace P r i n g l s. Make sure each letter is a separate curve. Letter g is a little tricky. You first have to trace the outline and then inner ellipse. Then, using boolean operations from the top panel choose subtract.

Boolean operations, subtract is second from the left
Letter g outline traced
Letter g internal ellipse / curve traced

Final letter g after boolean operation of subtraction

You are now ready to assemble the final text (you have all the required letters, duplicate, rotate and scale them to fit your liking):

Make sure all your letters have a yellow fill (R254, G236, B68) and no outline (no stroke). This will be important for our next step.

One more detail about the letters

You probably noticed that original logo had a thick black outline for letters. Let’s do that. Select all your yellow letters and hit CTRL+G. Select the letter group in Layers panel and hit CTRL+J to duplicate it. This will create an exact copy right below (or above) your current selection. What is important is that it will also be in exactly same place. Select the group below and choose a black stroke with a fair thickness (100pt in my case). Fill color is not important. This will create a nice thick outline to your letters.

– But hey, why did I have to copy my letters and work with a stroke? Is it not the same as Outer Glow effect on a layer?

Well I’m glad you asked 😉 Let’s see… On the first image (left one) you see a version with duplicate letters and thick stroke, on the second image you see letters with an Outer Glow effect. Looks almost the same but notice the jagged edges on the second image? I don’t know why is this happening, AD has issues with rendering the effect I guess. But there you go, this is the reason not to go with layer effect but a duplicate.


That’s it, we’re done with our Pringirls logo

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