About me

Wherever there is light, one can photograph.

Alfred Stieglitz
That’s me 😉

This quote has been the most significant quote in my life.

Hi! I’m Jędrzej. A hobbyist photographer (so called advanced amateur) based in Belgium.

My adventure with photography had begun in 1992 I think, I can’t remember exactly. My first camera was a russian made AGAT. It was a very weird camera because on a roll of 24 it could take 48 pictures, and on a roll of 36 the number went up to 72. Back in the day that was a huge number of shots.

Over the years many cameras have gone through my hands. Starting with Zenit 12XP, through Practica MTL 5B (to this day my favorite camera ever), through some exotic cameras like Mamiya 1000 DTL or Yashica FX-2. I also had the opportunity try such technical marvels like Pentacon Six or Horyzont 202.

I finished a school with photography faculty and on top I took lessons from one of the best photographers in my hometown. At some point I was so into photography that I converted my bathroom into a dark room. My mom wasn’t very happy, I can tell you that…

My idea was to become a pro photographer. Life circumstances have quickly proven unfavourable and I had to ditch this dream for many years. Now the situation is again stable enough to actually reconsider this life-long dream.

On this page you will find my photography diary and tips and tricks regarding software. At some point there is also a YT channel coming, but this one will probably be in Polish only.

Enjoy your stay here!

Have fun!

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