Paris in a lens

For this project, I started with a photo of a woman walking down the hallway of The Louvre Museum. This photo I took from Pexels. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels Next, I took this image of an old airplane skeleton. Can’t remember anymore where I found it. Probably on Pexels 😉 Finally I took…

Weekly photo – week 10

Belgium is experiencing real winter this year. -10 during night and -3 during the day are really exceptional here.

Weekly photo – week 9

Finally some real winter in Belgium. We went on a long walk and took a lot of photos 🙂 Weekly selection (a bit delayed) below. Enjoy!

Autumn walk

In order not to get crazy during covid times, it is important to go out. Even though for some reason most people are not wearing their face masks. I won’t discuss whether it makes sense to wear them or not. Yes I am talking to you anti Covid people. My kids and I love to…

Covid in Belgium

Belgium during pandemic In march the world as we know it had stopped due to the covid pandemic. Regardless of what you think about the pandemic (real or fake) one thing is certain. Nothing will be as it was before march 2020. Remote office will become the standard, people will subconsciously limit their social contact…